27 Mar

The most adult Greek in the history of mountaineering made the ascent of the eight-thousand-meter Manaslu with a team of high-altitude mountain guides Makalu Extreme. A mountain guide from Greece, Alexis Passalidis, made the ascent to the Summit of Manaslu on September 24, 2019 at the age of 62. The Manaslu climbing expedition was organized by Makalu Extreme Climbing Adventure team

In 2019, the Makalu Extreme team organized the Climbing Expedition of Manaslu for the eighth time. Oxana Morneva was the permanent leader of this and other ascents to Manaslu. Oxana knows this mountain and the conditions of climbing it perfectly, she is the current holder of the world record for this Peak.
Alexis works as a mountain guide and has an agency in Germany that organizes ascents to Elbrus, Ararat, Demavend and Lenin Peak. By the time of climbing Manaslu, Alexis was in excellent physical shape.
Alexis has a long-standing friendship with the Makalu Extreme mountain guide team. Two years earlier, on his sixtieth birthday, Alexis climbed with a team of Makalu Extreme guides to the beautiful Himalayan Peak of Ama Dablam. 12 clients took part in that ascent, ten of them made the ascent to the Top of Ama Dablam. In both expeditions, the leader of the Makalu Extreme team, Oksana Mourneva, was the leader. Alexis liked the organization and work of the guides. Therefore, Alexis decided to continue his journey in the Himalayas with our team.

Alexis' guide and partner on the climbing Manaslu was our famous guide, Pasang Lama. The ascent of Manaslu with Alexis was Pasang's thirtieth ascent of the eight-thousandth peak and the seventh ascent of Manaslu in his career.
The team arrived at Manaslu Base Camp via Larke La Pass on September 10. On September 24, Alexis Passalidis and his guide and climbing partner Pasang Lama, stood at the Summit of Manaslu. Alexis became the oldest Greek who managed to climb Manaslu.
The cost of climbing Manaslu in 2023 for the Makalu Extreme team is $ 12,500. The price of Manaslu Climbing Expedition includes all the services necessary to ensure safety and comfort.
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