World records made by our company

World records made by our company

On 15 August 2019 Sai Sudhir Kawde, 10 years old, citizen of India, summit mt Elbrus 5642 with our guides Dorchi Sherpa and Oxana Morneva. He become a yangest Asian to do so Great job, congratulations! 

Katrin Miresalu, Estonia, become a first Estonian who ever climb 8000+. She summit mt Manaslu 8163 at 27 september 2019

On 20 May 2019 Oxana Morneva, Dorchi Sherpa, Pasang Lama and Pasang Dorjii Sherpa summit mt Lhotse 8516. Oxana Morneva become a first women on the world to summit mt Lhotse 8516 twice! Great job, congratulations!

Kaamya Karthikeyan, Citizen of India become to be a yongest climber in the world to ski from the summit of mt Elbrus. 

Oxana Morneva, CEO of Makalu Extreme become to be a first women on the worlad to summit mt Manaslu 8163 in 2017 3 times and in 2018 4 times

At 30 september 2018 Irina Alaeva, Abkhazia,  summit mt Manaslu 8163. She become a first Abkhazian who ever summit 8000+