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www.makaluextrem.net www.makaluextreme-treks-expeditions.com WhatsApp +7-918-104-23-18 К2 climbing expedition 2022 K2 House chimney K2 Bottle neck, Mount K2 Summit day Dear friends, hello everyone! With you Oxana Mourneva, the two World records holder in high-altitude mountaineering and my YouTube channel Mountaineering Experts. Today I am publishing the full version of the film about the climbing expedition to K2 this summer 2022 of my Makalu Extreme Climbing Adventure team. On July 22, 2022, the Makalu Extreme team stood at the Top of K2- 8611. Mount K2 is the most difficult and dangerous Mountain in the World. A climbing expedition to the Top of K2 is a very complex, time-consuming and responsible process. One small mistake can lead to the collapse and death of participants and guides. But, as our customers and subscribers know, no one has died in our company since its foundation. Our team always takes a very responsible attitude to the process of a climbing expedition. And most importantly - each of the organizers and guides of our company, each high-rise worker. we all love our work very much, and we are really a team, practically a family. The expedition to the Top of K2 takes place in the most remote and hard-to-reach corners of our planet. Together with us in this video you will travel from Islamabad to Skarda along the Karakoram highway. From Skardu, you will travel with our team to the mountain village of Ascole by jeep, and then, along the new road to Paia. From Payu in this video, together with our team, you will walk the mountain trails to the Urdukas camp. From the Urdukas Camp we will cross the Baltoro Glacier and find ourselves at the K2 Base Camp. For our k2 mountaineering expedition, the K2 Base Camp will be home for the next month. Now, from Base Camp K2, we will go to the Top of the most difficult, wild Mountain K2. In our film you will see the overcoming of the key sections of the ascent to the Top of K2 - the Chimney of the House, the Black Pyramid, the Bottleneck. The chimney of the House, the Black Pyramid and the Bottleneck are very difficult to pass and video shooting areas. In our video you will be able to see unique shots directly from these sections of Mount K2. And, of course, you will see a long and emotional, unique video from the Top of K2. Our video operators Pasang Lama and Pasang Dorji sherpa and our participant Pascal Denoel shot this unique video from the Top of K2. These incredible, unique and emotional shots are captured in a video right from the Top of K2! It's worth living for such Moments! Enjoy the views of the mountains and don't forget to subscribe to our channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXFb... Or, if you want to take part in the ascent of Mount K2 climbing expedition, then we will be very glad to see you in our K2- 2023 commercial expedition. Sign up via our website: www.makaluextreme-treks-expeditions.com or WhatsApp +7-918-104-23-18 K2- 8611 climbing Expedition 2023 The fixed departure dates: 20th Jun 2023 Departure date from Islamabad, till 10th August 2022 Expedition Costs: Makalu Extreme Climbing& Adventure Service cost up to summit USD 34000 only The K2- 8611 Climbing Expedition - 2023 Price Includes: 1. 06 Standard hotel nights on a Bed and Breakfast basis: a. One night in Islamabad on your arrival. b. One night in Islamabad on your return home. c. One night in Chilas if driving by road, while going to Skardu. d. One night in Chilas if driving by road, while coming down to Islamabad. e. One night in Skardu, on your arrival. f. One night in Skardu on your return High altitude food High altitude fuel High altitude tents Fix rope charge, ice fall charge One high altitude Sherpa per one member to carry all food and gear to higher camps. Also, assist the member during climb and summit attempt Oxygen for climbing Sherpa (1Sherpa-2 bottle) Oxygen for member 3 bottle Garbage deposit fee Common climbing equipment (necessary rope, ice bars, ice screws, etc) 2. Ground transport 1). Transport from Islamabad to Chilas / Skardu / Base camp for all climber and their cargo (maximum 30 kg per person while going up and 20 kg per person while coming down from base camp) 2). Jeeps where require will be provided traveling in a group with the leader of the expedition. A jeep will be provided for minimum 3 people if less than 3 people clients will pay for their own jeep.  K2 climbing expedition cost (price) is not included: 2. Travel and climbing insurance, 3. International airfare and airport departure taxes or excess baggage charges (for domestic flight), 4. special diet, drinks, 5. Hotel or hotel Meals not mentioned in the final agreement 6. laundry, telephone calls, 7. Personal climbing and trekking equipment 8. Visa fee #Makaluextreme #oxanamorneva #K2 #K2summit K2_2022 #K2_2023 #bottleneck #mountk2 #karakorum #baltoro 

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