20 Jun

Dear freinds! New video in our You tube chanel! Whatch the Elbrus 5642 summit push!
In June 2020, the Makaluextreme team organized the Elbrus climbing expedition. This is June 2020, immediately after the coronavirus quarantines. For our mountaineering team, going up a Mountain is like breathing. This is our first necessity. Therefore, as soon as possible, we immediately went to the Mountains. Elbrus climbing expedition is the best preparation for high-altitude expeditions. And we went to Elbrus, actually, in order to prepare for the ascent of Mount Lhotse in the fall of 2020.
In this video, we show the actual summit day of Elbrus, the day of the Summit Push
If you also want to join mountaineering, this amazing sport and lifestyle, if you want to stand with us on the top of highest mountains on our planet, join our groups for climbing Elbrus this summer via our Websaite: www.makaluextreme-treks-expeditions.com
Or call: WhatsApp +7-918-104-23-18
Write to the following email address: oxanaclimber@mail.ru
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