19 May

www.makaluextreme-treks-expeditions.comWhatsApp +7-918-104-23-18In the spring of 2021, Makalu Extreme Climbing Adventure organized a commercial Mount Everest 8848 climbing expedition. While many other tour operators canceled their Everest climbing expeditions under the guise of COVID, our team had the experience, courage and courage to reach the Summit of Everest. On May 11, 2021, at 6:30 a.m., our group stood on the summit of Mount Everest. In this video, you will see unique shots directly from the Mount Everest Summit. You can feel together with our team the taste of victory, the feelings that a climber feels when he stands on the Summit of Mount Everest 8848. Shooting on the Mount Everest Summit is a complex process, shooting in the open stratosphere. Not many teams can boast of a great video from the Summit of Mount Everest 8848. Who is interested in the video from the Summit of Mount Everest-watch-it's here! Some climbers who have not been to the Summit of Mount Everest this year have tried to attack, in their impotent anger at my company. But the power is not in attacking others, the power is in what you can do yourself! The video operator of this video is Dorchi Sherpa-a multiple climber on 8000+, he now has 31 of them! And this was his tenth! climb to the top of Mount Everest! Climbing Mount Everest is the dream of many people's lives. Well, dear friends! Watch our video from the Summit of Mount Everest-2021, May 6! Enjoy the views of the mountains and do not forget to subscribe to our channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXFbaj88-A74oHrSyKaUw-QOr, if you want to take part in the ascent of Mount Everest, then we will be very happy to see you in our Everest 8848 - 2021 commercial expedition. Sign up via ourwebsite: www.makaluextrem.netor WhatsApp +7-918-104-23-18EVEREST CLIMBING EXPEDITION WITH MAKALU EXTREME CLIMBING ADVENTURE THE BEST OFFER FOR SPRING 2022 IS $ 36,000 FOR A FULL SERVICE!!!!!WE AND OUR GUIDES HAVE DOZENS OF EIGHT-THOUSAND UNDER OUR BELT, AND NOT ONE OR 2 DUBIOUS EXPERIENCES LIKE OTHERS. AT THE END OF THE 2021 SEASON, THE OFFICIAL PERCENTAGE OF OUR COMPANY'S TRAFFIC TO THE TOP IS 95%!!! IT IS UNLIKELY THAT YOU WILL SEE THE ABOVE SOMEWHERE!WE ACCEPT PREPAYMENT UNTIL MID-JANUARY 2022!MOUNT EVEREST 8848 CLIMBING EXPEDITION 2022FULL PACKAGE OF $ 36,000 (SERVICE WITH A PERSONAL GUIDE FROM KATHMANDU TO THE SUMMIT AND BACK)Dates: April 10 - June 2, 2022THE PRICE OF THE FULL PACKAGE INCLUDES:WESTERN GUIDE-CONSULTANT THROUGHOUT THE ENTIRE ROUTE Hotel in Kathmandu (4 nights) + breakfast;Permit for climbing Mount Everest (8848)One guide per participant ( climber for 5-6 8000+). The guide accompanies his participant to the Summit, carries his oxygen, throws and sets up high-altitude camps, and cooks food in high-altitude camps.Communications officer expenses;Delivery of personal cargo to Base Camp - 30kg - one participantRailings on the routeGenerator at base camp;Heater in the dining tent of the base camp;Kitchen tent;Kitchen equipment;Dining tent;Toilet;Shower;Satellite phone for emergency communication with the earthWalkie-talkieThe cook and his assistant;Tents for living in the base camp: one tent per participantMeals and accommodation on the track and throughout the expedition;Equipment and equipment for high-altitude camps;Food in high-altitude campsAll transfers under the program within NepalStaff insurance;Group climbing equipmentOxygen equipmentOxygen for participants - 5 bottles for 1 participantOxygen for the guide 3 bottles for 1 guideREQUIRED INFORMATIONThe ascent to the top begins at 10 am, THE POINT OF RETURN is 12:OO of the dayAll instructions of the guide are MANDATORYThe PRICE DOES NOT INCLUDE:Summit bonus for reaching the top-$1500Personal mountaineering insurance;City tours;Personal equipment,Personal first Aid kit;International flightAlcoholic and soft drinksMoving along the route separately from the groupLunch and dinner in KathmanduRescue operation ( if necessary)ADDITIONAL SERVICES:oxygen tank - $ 500 per piece. The oxygen is tested, the throat does not burnADDITIONAL EXPENSESSummit Bonus -$1500International flight 550-700 $Lunch and dinner in Kathmandu-approximately$200WHY WITH US?1. Each of our expeditions is accompanied by one of the co-owners of the company, so we fully control the quality of the service provided and the work of the guides2. We employ the best guides in the World, who have dozens of successful ascents of 8000+( and not three or two, as in other companies)ALL MATERIALS AND PHOTOS OF THE SITE ARE THE PROPERTY OF MAKALU EXTREME TREKS& EXPEDITION.THEIR USE IS ALLOWED ONLY WITH THE CONSENT OF THE OWNERS OF THE COMPANY.#Makaluextreme, #Worldrecordholder, #Oxanamorneva#Everest, #Everest2021, #Everestvideo #Mountains, #Mountaineering, #Nepal, #Himalayas, #Everest2022, #Everestexpedition, #Everestsummit 

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