02 Jun

Today our video is straight from the Summit of mount Everest, Nepal, Himalaya! Makalu Extreme Treks& Expeditions team made unique shots right in the stratosphere. All shots of this video were made above 8500 meters above sea level. When the plane depressurizes at this altitude, passengers are asked to wear oxygen masks, and at this time, our guides not only lead customers to the Summit, but also manage to make unique shots. With the Makalu Extreme team, you can virtually go directly to the ascent of mount Everest and directly to the Summit of mount Everest! If you also want to visit the Top of mount Everest or other famous or difficult Peaks of our Planet, please contact me by email oxanaclimber@mail.ru Or sign up for our groups via our website www.makaluextreme-treks-expeditions.com And also subscribe to our channel via the link 


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