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K2 climbing expedition 2022, K2 summit Day, K2 Summit video K2 bottle neck, K2 house chimney In 2022, Makalu Extreme organized a successful K2 climbing expedition. Our K2 climbing expedition has gone down in history as the fastest successful K2 climbing expedition in the history of commercial mountaineering. The ascent to K2 took our team only 18 days! Our participant from France, Pascal Denoel, became the oldest Frenchman who managed to climb to the Summit of the Killer Mountain K2. Our climbing guides and Pascal filmed a lot of videos on the K2 Summit Day, filmed a very long K2 Summit video. They shot the video in very dangerous conditions in a K2 house chimney and in a K2 Bottle Neck. Watch a unique video in high quality from K2 summit Day, K2 Summit video K2 bottle neck, K2 house chimney! In this video you can walk a long and dangerous path straight from the capital of Pakistan Islamabad to the Summit of Killer Mountain K2. The K2 climbing expedition is a small life, and you can live it with us! The K2 Summit- 8611 is not just a peak for many climbers. For almost any climber, K2 is the embodiment of a Dream, the embodiment of the top of mountaineering skill and luck. Dream and don't be afraid to meet your Dream! And professional high-altitude guides of the Makalu Extreme team will help to realize this Dream without loss! Take a step toward your Dream! Join our K2-8611 expedition right now! One hundred percent of the ascent will take place with any number of participants. 

WhatsApp +7-918-104-23-18 

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website: https://www.makaluextreme-treks-expeditions.com/direction/k2-8611-international-climbing-expedition-2021-2022-pakistan-itinerary-cost-price-and-fixed-departures 

Our team has already organized two successful international ascents of K2- 8611. The expedition organizer of our team is Oxana Morneva, the owner of two world records in high-altitude mountaineering. Oxana is a climber who has been taught a lot by the K2 Peak, it was the K2 Mountain that taught her to survive and not give up. It was after climbing K2 in 2012 that the Makalu Extreme team of high-altitude guides was founded in 2013. The main guide of our ascent is one of the strongest high-altitude guides of our time - Pasang Lama. Pasang has already been to K2- 8611 twice.  Pasang became widely known when, in a large-scale accident on K2 in 2008, he did not lose any of his participants while descending from the Summit on that terrible day. All the other guides who will work with the participants have already climbed to the Top of K2 K2-8611- climbing expedition 2023 The cost of a full package of services is $ 34,000 The price of the full package includes: Meeting and seeing off at the airport in Islamabad Hotel accommodation in Islamabad 4 nights, Hotel INVOI A permit for climbing to the Top of K2 for each participant and for all company personnel Flight to Skardu and back on local airlines. In case of non-flying weather, an air-conditioned bus will be provided Accommodation and meals in Skardu for 4 nights, in a great hotel with a large garden Jeep Skardu- Payu and back Accommodation and meals on the track Carrying personal cargo to the Base Camp and back - 40 kg for each participant Accommodation and meals at the Base Camp - a personal large tent for each participant, the chef prepares continental and Asian dishes, meat, fruits, desserts, and cakes every day Personal guide, and climber on K2 for each participant of the expedition. The guide sets up high-altitude camps, cooks, food, helps put on cats, and carries the participants' belongings and oxygen along the Mountain between the upper camps and on the assault. Participants carry in their backpack only a thermos of water, a sleeping bag, a walkie-talkie, and personal electronic devices, starting from Camp 3 an oxygen tank, which they currently use. It is not yet possible to carry a breathing tube from the participant's oxygen mask to the guide's backpack with a balloon. Therefore, participants must carry the oxygen tank themselves, which they are using at the moment. Oxygen equipment for the duration of the entire expedition - 1 set for each participant Oxygen cylinders with oxygen - 5 pieces for each participant for the duration of the entire expedition Railings on the route Installation of high-altitude camps Accommodation and meals in high-altitude camps - Camp1, Camp 2, Camp 3, and Camp 4. Meals in high-altitude camps, as a rule, are Mountain house sublimates, cheese, sausage, mashed soup, tea, chocolate, jelly, dried fruits, pistachios Certificate of ascent to the Top of K2- 8611 Festive dinner in Skardu after climbing #K2 #Mtk2 # K2summit # K2expedition #K2climbing #bottleneck #K2_2022 #K2video #Housechimney #K2_2023 #worldrecordholder #makaluextreme #oxanamorneva #K2Summit #k2climbers #k2expedition2022 #K2expedition2023

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